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Dear Visitor,
Prior to 1990, everyone, absolutely everyone in the business of selling real estate represented the Seller. Most buyers of real estate assumed that the agent who was driving them from house to house was working for them. As a result, buyers would talk openly to the Seller's Agent. It was as if the seller was sitting on the agent's shoulder listening to every word that a potential buyer said. At that time, every agent owed a fiduciary duty to the seller. 
Today, you have a choice. You can, at no cost to you, hire a Buyer's Agent to represent you.  The seller still has the listing agent working for them. However, a Buyer's Agent owes a fiduciary duty to the buyer. Fiduciary duties are defined as:
  • Care and Competence

  • Confidentiality (what you say stays between you and your buyer's agent.)

  • Obedience (to you, providing its legal)

  • Accounting (for all monies deposited)

  • Loyalty (your interest comes before the agents)

  • Disclosure (what your agent knows, you know)

  • Due Diligence

If your objective is to find the house that best matches your needs, to obtain the fairest price, and to have access to the best support providers on the Gulf coast; I invite you to tour my site before making a decision on who to hire as your representative.
Clifford Roe

Broker/Owner, ABR